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New eBook from HIMSS authors Rick Krohn/David Metcalf, and Dr. Pat Salber

Following the author's 2 previous HIMSS books detailing mHealth (2012, 2014), this new mHealth eBook titled Health-e Everything: Wearables and the Internet of Things for Health conducts a focused examination of wearables as an explosive niche of the mHealth market. Covering a range of issues from newer wearable applications in the provider and enterprise spaces, to emerging technology solutions and hurdles to successful deployment, and with rich multimedia content, this eBook provides an engaging discussion about wearables - present and future – with contributors including Eric Topol, Daniel Kraft, Robert Wachter, Anand Dyer, and many more. This eBook also examines the interplay of mobile solutions like wearables in the healthcare Internet of Things ("IoT") landscape. This eBook delivers a unique learning experience via deep content, digital techniques and expert perspectives.

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Part One

Part Two

Case Anthology

Thought Leader Roundtable

Question 1

  • What kind of wearables have you used and liked, and if you don't use them what's your best use case for wearables?

Question 2

  • Has the Internet of Things and wearables changed your work, or if not how is the Internet of Things (The IOT) being implemented in your work setting?

Question 3

  • A lot of investment is being funneled into the wearables market, and a lot of product failures are going to take place. What are the key ingredients for success of a wearables product or service?

Question 4

  • What are the main obstacles facing the clinical adoption of wearables: Integration with existing systems, regulations including the FDA, economics such as value based payments, or utility, issues like user fatigue? And what about standards? And as for the Internet of Things, what about regulations from the FTC or security, HIPAA, HITECH?

Question 5

  • Looking ahead, how do you see the wearables and Internet of Things market evolving?